‟Alexa, tell Dash Elevator to send my elevator.”

Technologies like Amazon Alexa reduce the friction of daily life, bringing new rhythms of life and routine. Elevators are now a part of it.

How it works:

  • Field unit adjacent to the elevator controller. We install our trusted, secure dispatcher adjacent to your elevator controller to make the calls and report status.
  • We issue you a unique QR code, identifying your elevator bank. Make it available to residents on their web portal and with lobby staff.
  • Through a quick one-time setup, your resident signs into DashElevator.com, links their Amazon Alexa device, and uses your QR code to locate their floor in this elevator bank. Done and ready to use!
  • You have complete control of your elevators: view and deauthorize any user, or even require authorization before use.

Let us show you a live demonstration.

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